Paraglider Ozone Rush 6

Paraglider Ozone Rush 6

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The Rush 6 is the glider with the best glide ratio and cross-country performance in its class.

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True Performance
Hundreds of flying hours have been accumulated in the turbulent aerology of the Southern Alps to ensure that the high level of passive safety we demand is achieved. The Rush 6 is perfectly in line with our philosophy of True Performance - its excellent glide ratio is perfect for the active aerological conditions encountered in cross-country racing, and across the entire speed range.

New Technologies
The wing's solidity in accelerated flight has been further enhanced by the adoption of a new profile and the optimization of the internal structure, not forgetting the "ACR" risers which allow active control without weakening the profile. The Rush 6's structure, the strongest we've ever developed, maintains the integrity of the profile even in turbulent air, avoiding performance losses associated with deformation along the chord.

ACR System
The new Active Control Risers, inherited from the Delta 4, allow you to control the angle of attack without changing the camber of the profile. By acting on both the B and C lines, the ACR allows you to control the wing like a 2-line while retaining the comfort of a 3-line architecture.

In design, the Rush 6 is an extension of the Delta 4, and they are similar in every respect. The lengthening remains deliberately moderate to maintain the ease of use, flying pleasure and passive safety of previous Rush models. The performance gains have been achieved by working on the line plan, which is now 3/2-line, new 3D cutting patterns for the leading edge, and optimized trailing edge mini-ribs, which ultimately lead to a significant reduction in parasitic drag and therefore to greater performance across the entire speed range.

Profile Shark Nose Patented
We haven't rested on our laurels, and the Shark Nose profile has come a long way since Ozone invented it in 2011. The version fitted to the Rush 6 not only offers increased stability, performance and comfort, but is also robust in the event of over-piloting, making the wing particularly resistant to stalling and spinning. The leading edge is fitted with G-strings to help maintain its shape in accelerated flight and reduce vibration, thus reducing drag.

The Takeoff
Inflation is much improved on the Rush 5. We've worked on the leading edge until we've achieved a zero wind take-off comparable to that of our easiest wings: it climbs with little effort, and with a speed that's easy to control. In strong winds, it controls well and has no tendency to overtake the pilot.

In Flight
In flight, a little more top speed and a more dynamic feel give the impression that we've turbocharged the Rush, which is closer to the Delta in terms of feel. The pressure in the controls evolves linearly - precise in the first part and authoritarian in the second. The structure maintains the perfect cohesion of the sail on the span and chord, a plus for performance in ascent.

The Pilot
Extremely accessible yet playful, with a high maximum speed and a high level of passive safety, the Rush 6 is a glider under which a wide range of pilots will enjoy themselves immensely. EN B certified, it's ideal for intermediate-level recreational pilots with previous experience, and cross-country pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year.

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