Advance Pi3 Paraglider

Advance Pi3 Paraglider

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The PI 3 offers a remarkable all-round Hike & Fly package in terms of lightness combined with excellent performance and a strong fun factor.

In thermal flight up to a projected wing loading of 4.5 kg/m2, the PI 3 with its well-balanced canopy is easy to fly, and offers maximum passive safety. In this range, the PI 3 is well suited to beginners and leisure pilots.

The walk & fly range, with a projected wing loading of between 4.5 and 5 kg/m2, is the right choice for those who want to climb on foot with light equipment and enjoy dynamic downhill flying.

In the Mini Voile range, with a projected wing loading of 5 kg/m2 and more, the PI 3 is clearly an active wing. It requires a highly experienced pilot who flies actively and can practically anticipate wing deformations before they occur. The very compact wing is also suitable for Climb & Fly projects.

Depending on its wing loading, the PI 3 will place different demands on its pilot. The higher the load, the greater the flight characteristics and piloting skill requirements. Small wings are fundamentally more agile, livelier and more demanding to fly, even when flying with their normal wing loading. You can see the different piloting requirements according to wing loading in the table opposite.


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The Advance PI3 is a paraglider designed for intermediate to advanced pilots. Here is a detailed description of its features:

  1. Construction and materials: the Advance PI3 is made from lightweight, durable materials to offer the optimum combination of strength and lightness. The wing uses high-quality nylon fabrics for the bottom and top surface, reducing overall weight while maintaining good wear resistance.
  2. Sail profile: The wing is designed with an optimized sail profile to improve performance. This profile promotes better air penetration, reduces drag and increases overall wing efficiency.
  3. Stability: The Advance PI3 offers excellent in-flight stability, which is essential for a safe and comfortable flying experience. The wing's internal structure is designed to maintain stability even in turbulent conditions, reducing the risk of wing collapse.
  4. Handling: The wing is renowned for its precise, responsive handling. Pilots can easily make tight turns and control the wing with precision, offering great agility in flight.
  5. Thermal performance: the Advance PI3 also excels in thermal ascents. Its design enables pilots to make the most of thermal lift to gain altitude and prolong flights.
  6. Safety: The wing is equipped with oscillation reduction systems to minimize parasitic movements and provide predictable response. What's more, the braking devices are effective in providing precise, responsive control of the wing, reducing the risk of sudden collapse in turbulent conditions.
  7. Available sizes: The Advance PI3 is available in a range of sizes to suit different pilot weights. This allows riders to choose the size that best suits their weight and level of experience.

In short, the Advance PI3 is a lightweight paraglider that offers a balanced combination of stability, handling and overall performance. Its quality construction, optimized canopy profile and advanced safety features make it a popular choice for intermediate to advanced pilots looking for an exciting and safe flying experience. Supplied without carrying bag

PI 3161921232527
Plage de poids EN/LTF Akg60-8570-9580-10592-115
Plage de poids EN/LTF Bkg50-9585-10095-110105-120115-125
Plage de poids EN/LTF Ckg50-90
Surface à platm216.
Surface projetéem21416.718.420.121.923.7
Poids de décollagekg50-9050-9560-10070-11080-12092-125
Plage idéale thérmiquekg50-6560-7570-8580-9792-110
Plage idéal marche & volkg50-7065-8575-9085-10097-110110-125
Plage idéale mini voilekg70-9085-9590-100100-110110-120
Poids de l’ailekg1.852.152.552.752.953.15
Envergure projetéem7.
Allongement projeté3.
Corde maximumm2.342.552.682.812.933.05

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