Ozone Ultralite 4 Paraglider

Ozone Ultralite 4 Paraglider

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The fourth generation Ultralite is a completely new design incorporating innovative technologies for higher levels of efficiency, glide, performance, higher speed, better handling and even easier inflation behavior.

The icing on the cake: it is a few grams lighter than its predecessor and fits in a more compact volume.


OZONE's research into the manufacture of ultra-light wings began in 2001 with the introduction of the Peak, one of the first wings designed specifically for the mountains. The Ultralite succeeded it by establishing a recognized standard for the discipline of rando flying. The fourth generation Ultralite is a completely new design incorporating innovative technologies for higher levels of performance, glide, perfs, with higher speed, better handling and even easier inflation behavior.

The icing on the cake is that it is a few grams lighter than its predecessor and fits into an even smaller volume.

In the more than 15 years that we have been developing lightweight wings at OZONE, our wings have flown from the top of Mount Everest, participated in every edition of the X-Alps and broken bibouac flight distance records around the world. The Ultralite series is still very dear to the hearts of the OZONE R&D team, because everyone is a mountain man or a hiker.

Thus, the development of our ultra-light equipment is continuous. We have accumulated a great deal of experience in working with light materials and mastering special construction techniques, which has led to the development of a wide range of wings, from the highly innovative XXLite single surface wing to the X-Alps winning LM5. The Ultralite 4 incorporates all of this knowledge to create the lightest wing we have ever certified. Because the Ultralite is a true full-size wing, take-off and landing are as easy and safe as with a normal glider, allowing you to use it with confidence in the most extreme conditions: at high altitudes, in deep snow, or on the most difficult launches.

The UL4 offers sufficient performance to exploit thermals, soaring and cross country flying in complete safety and comfort. During its design, our goal was to increase its performance, speed and maneuverability without compromising durability, safety or folding volume. Its reduced weight is the result of a modern fabrication using a smart mix of Porcher Skytex 27g, Dominico N20D and Dominico N10D which have a long history of durability.

The new profile, internal structure and riser design allow the canopy to achieve higher speed with better performance throughout the speed range, thanks to the 3D design. A 14% reduction in total line drag and optimization of the air inlet openings also improved the wing's performance. The planform remains close to that of the previous Ultralite with identical aspect ratio and maintains the comfort and ease of use that is the foundation of the UL4's exceptional safety. The risers allow for a wider range of speeds and are equipped with low friction rings to save weight.

Approved and available in 4 sizes, the Ultralite 4 is suitable for a wide range of uses; from beginner-intermediate to expert flying for a wide range of pilot weights. The Ultralite 4 was designed for experienced hikers, mountaineers, hikers and pilots who want a second glider for travel.

Although the UL4 is a full-size glider in the air, the extreme lightness of the wing and its very compact design allow it to be packed into an extremely small volume. Imagine storing your glider, including harness, reserve and helmet, between your legs or in the luggage compartment of the plane on your next trip!



The Oxygen 1 harness is sold as an option to accompany the Ultralite 4. At 1.3 kg, it is an extremely light harness that can be transformed into a backpack and whose comfort has not been sacrificed. With a padded back and leg straps as well as padded shoulder straps, we created the Oxygen 1 with the pilot's comfort in mind while walking and flying.



Need even more lightness? The OZO is a reversible harness made of ultra-light materials. It has been specially designed for use with the OZONE lightweight range but can be used with any paraglider. The harness is available in one size, with a 26l or 33l carry bag weighing 580g and 585g respectively. Every element of the harness has been optimized to save weight and it is one of the lightest reversible harnesses on the market. Although very light, the OZO is fully stress tested, approved and will last a long time if you take care of it.



Need an even lighter harness than the OZO? The F*Lite was born from a simple idea: to create the lightest possible paragliding harness. To achieve this, a unique and very carefully designed structure reinforces the ultra-light seat fabric to achieve a total weight of 102.1 g in size M! The F*Lite is designed specifically for para-alpinists and hikers. It is EN approved for a maximum weight of 100 kg.



Switch Harness

Maximum versatility. The SWITCH is designed for speed flying, speed riding and rando flying. It is a solid and well-equipped harness that will satisfy pilots who like to keep several options. Configured in a minimalist mode, it is a robust harness that turns into a comfortable bag for hitchhiking. It is also possible to quickly add a compartment for the rescue parachute and back protection with a zipper for better passive safety.

* There is always a chance that another bi-surface wing has emerged recently, but as of early 2017, the ULK4 was still the lightest in the world!


Number of cells3434343434
Projected area (m2)14.9216.718.320.222.1
Flat surface (m2)171920.92325.2
Projected span (m)
Wingspan flat (m)
Projected elongation3.
Flat stretching4.
Weight of the wing1.92.0*2.2*2.4*2.6*
Flight weight range (kg)55-9055-9055-9565-10575-120

* The weight of the Ultralite can vary by about 50 grams in the same size due to small variations in the weight of the fabric.

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used

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