Paraglider Ozone Swift 6

Paraglider Ozone Swift 6

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The Swift 6 is the lightweight version of the Rush 6.

Thanks to the use of lighter materials and ultra-optimized construction techniques, the sail's weight has been reduced by 900g. By reducing inertia, the wing is more agile and easier to inflate. Like the Alpina 4 from which it is derived, the Swift 6 features all the performance-enhancing technologies found in the Enzo and Zeno, giving it best-in-class finesse and cross-country performance.

Inflating is much improved, and zero wind launch is now on a par with our easiest wings: it climbs with little effort and reacts perfectly to corrections. In strong winds, it's easy to control and has no tendency to overtake the pilot.

In the air, the Swift 6 is a real jewel: precise, dynamic handling, high top speed, it's a formidable cross-country performer. The brakes give precise control from the start of the race and great authority beyond. The structure maintains the perfect cohesion of the sail on the span and chord, giving the sail an incredible agility that increases performance in ascent.

The wing's strength in accelerated flight has been enhanced by a new profile and optimized internal structure, not forgetting the ACR risers. The structure of the Swift 6, the strongest we've developed, maintains the integrity of the profile even in turbulent air, avoiding the loss of performance associated with deformation along the chord. The active control risers (ACR) inherited from the Delta 4 allow the pilot to control the angle of attack without changing the camber of the profile. By acting on both the B's and the C's, the ACR gives the pilot control similar to that of a 2-line on a 3-line wing.

The lengthening remains deliberately moderate to maintain the ease of use, flying pleasure and passive safety of previous models. The performance gains were achieved by a hybrid 3/2-line, new 3D leading-edge cutting patterns and optimized trailing-edge mini-ribs, resulting in a significant reduction in parasitic drag and ultimately more glide and speed.

Hundreds of flying hours have been accumulated in the turbulent aerology of the Southern Alps to ensure that the high level of passive safety we demand is achieved. The Swift 6 is perfectly in line with our philosophy of True Performance - finesse and speed that are truly usable in the active aerological conditions encountered in cross-country riding, across the entire speed range.

The Swift 6 is very accessible, and a wide range of pilots will enjoy flying it. It is EN B certified and ideal for experienced intermediate recreational pilots and cross-country pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year and have already completed a SIV.

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