Paraglider Ozone Jomo 2

Paraglider Ozone Jomo 2

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With a completely new design, the Jomo 2 offers the best performance in its class. It outperforms the previous version in terms of finesse, handling, passive safety and take-off. The use of carefully selected materials and optimal assembly techniques allowed the Ozone R&D team to achieve a particularly light wing with a very low volume without sacrificing any of its strength or durability.

New Technologies
Based on the Mojo 6, this new wing incorporates many of the elements developed during the Ozone Performance Project and the X-Alps. Line drag is a crucial issue and the Jomo 2 benefits from an incredible 28% reduction compared to the Jomo. The profile has evolved: it offers more lift and less drag while keeping a very reassuring character. The leading edge now benefits from the double 3D cut and innovative air intakes that reduce vibration and flutter, ensuring a very clean flow in this aerodynamically critical area.

In Flight
The low inertia of light sails improves pitch stability and reduces the effort required to control the aircraft. The Jomo 2 absorbs turbulence and gives a reassuring feeling of the aerology while transmitting useful information through the risers and brakes, for the greatest pleasure of the pilot. The wing is more agile than the standard weight model. Without having a tendency to amplify the jerks that the pilot could give, the brake controls allow a precise piloting that will facilitate the climb in thermal. The increase in the number of cells and the new profile optimize the aerodynamics of the sail. Add to this the reduction of the line length and the new air intakes, and you get a wing with top performance in its class without any compromise on the passive safety level.

The Takeoff
With a refined structure and lightweight construction, the Jomo 2 is at its best when handled on the ground. Easier to handle, lighter, less bulky to carry and with improved inflation characteristics, the Jomo 2 is the ideal companion for inflation sessions. The risers are simple and convenient, and from no wind to strong wind, the wing inflates easily in all conditions.

The Pilot
The Jomo 2 is based on the Mojo 6. Safe, fun and easy, it is perfect for newly licensed pilots, occasional Cross pilots but also for more experienced pilots who want a reassuring light wing with which they can embark on all their aerial adventures whether it be soaring, thermalling, Crossing...
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