Paraglider Ozone Rapido 3

Paraglider Ozone Rapido 3

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The Rapido 3 is a Rapi-Dos turbo. Speed and power are significantly increased while maintaining the stability and comfort of its predecessor. This wing is for pilots who want a wing with top speed and resource.

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The R3 is the most versatile glider we've tried, but it's also well ahead of the pack in terms of ease of takeoff and flight stability among wings for advanced pilots.

The speed has been increased for each trim position: when the trimmers are closed there is a clear gain in glide ratio, whereas when they are opened to reach maximum speed the R3 dives and carves even harder than the Rapi-Dos.

We focused on reducing drag and improving efficiency, which led to increased speed and glide. The new line and the work on the sail tensions extend the range of slopes to which the wing can adapt, without losing any of the high-speed stability.

New laser-cut diagonals have reduced weight without reducing the durability of the wing. A lighter wing also has less inertia and therefore better agility. The durable materials chosen for the external surfaces optimize the longevity of the wing - the Rapido 3 will give you many years of pleasure in normal use. For you, these evolutions facilitate the take-off, allow a faster turn or a faster rollover, not to mention the value that the wing keeps on the second hand market.

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Nombre de cellules272727272727
Surface projetée (m2)5.686.997.889.6411.3913.14
Surface à plat (m2)6.437.928.9310.9312.9114.89
Projected Span4.144.594.875.395.866.29
Envergure à plat (m)4.965.55.846.467.027.54
Allongement projeté3.
Allongement à plat3.83.833.833.833.833.83
Poids de l’aile1.
Load TestEN-926EN-926EN-926EN-926EN-926EN-926
Fourchette de poids en vol (kg)50-9550-9550-9550-9550-9550-100

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.

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