Ozone FAZER 4 speed sail

Ozone FAZER 4 speed sail

1820.00 2052.00  tax included

Optimized profile for a wider flight envelope

New risers for steeper angles of attack and more stability

Higher top speed

Always easy to take off

Always a nice final resource

The goal of the Fazer series is to offer a speed wing that is as versatile as possible, as easy to launch on foot as on skis. The Fazer 3’s precise and fast take-off characteristics make it an ideal wing for summer foot-launching. The newly modified trimmers allow for much greater angles of attack and provide increased stability for winter speed.

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    If you live in Switzerland or outside the European Union, you can deduct the French VAT from our products (20%).

    Two options:

    • Distance selling HT with direct shipment: We produce an invoice HT already including the discount we offer to our customers on the flight material. Once the material has been paid for, we will ship the goods to you with the CN23 customs clearance form.
    • Collection on the spot with tax exemption. You can go to the shop and buy your material. The amount paid is inclusive of VAT (with French VAT). We provide you with a form and a declaration of tax exemption. All you have to do is scan this form at the customs posts (customs, airports, etc.), and we receive instant confirmation that the material has left the EU. We will then refund the French VAT,

    Please note that you are required to pay VAT and customs duties when the products arrive in your country.

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