The Beginner paragliding course is designed to take you from complete beginner to safely complete your first Solo Flights under instructor guidance. Training consists of ground handling, basic theory and flight briefings as well as instructional tandem flights. The course normally culminates in 4-6 solo flights. The primary objective is to make your first solo flights under instruction, allowing you to move on to the Paragliding Progression course.

The 5 Day Beginner Paragliding course includes; all of the training to take you from complete beginner to making your first solo paragliding flights, under instructor guidance.

  1. Introduction to paragliding and the School
  2. Introduction to your paragliding equipment
  3. Ground Handling and Launch practice
  4. Theory of Flight
  5. Flight plans and landing approaches
  6. Instructional Tandem Flights
  7. Basic Meteorology
  8. Basic Air Law
  9. How to deploy a reserve
  10. First solo flights

Our courses are run primarily in Chamonix and surrounding sites, flights of 10-15 minutes allowing you the time to progress your piloting technique and prepare your landing approach.

Includes use of all flight equipment. Excludes ski lifts, food, accommodation, insurance