The Progression paragliding course is designed for students who have completed the 5 day Elementary Pilot course. The objective is for students to be able to fly safely without instructor guidance in calm conditions.

It includes active flying, rapid descent and reverse launch techniques enabling students to begin to fly in thermal conditions. The course also covers further theory including meteorology, air law and more. The primary objective of the course is to become competent to fly without instruction on known sites in calm conditions.

The 5 Day Progression paragliding course is designed to progress you from your first solo flights to autonomy in calm conditions. it includes:

  1. Site and conditions assessment
  2. Active Piloting;
    • Pitch Control
    • Roll Control
  3. Dynamic turns
  4. Big Ears
  5. Exploring the speed range
    • Speed Bar
  6. Introduction to thermalling
  7. Instability and incidents theory
  8. First Solo thermal flights
  9. Spot Landings
  10. Pilot responsibilities, safety and general airmanship knowledge

Includes use of all flight equipment. Excludes ski lifts, food, accommodation, insurance