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Paraglider Thermal Flying course


This course is designed for students who have completed the 5 day Club Pilot course and flown for a further 20hours and 100 flights. The objective is for students to be able optimise the days flying conditions. It includes active flying, thermalling, rapid descent and reverse launch and precision landing techniques. As well as theory of incident management, flight planning, navigation and Air law. At the end of the course students should attain the Pilot Rating, enabling them to fly cross country. Students must be competent taking off and landing without guidance in moderate conditions.


The 5 day thermal flying course

  1. Site and conditions assessment
  2. Flight planning and navigation
  3. Equipment and instruments
  4. Improving thermalling performance
  5. Optimising performance
    • Speed to fly
  6. Instability and incidents theory
  7. Multiple thermal flights
  8. Instructional tandem flight
  9. Landing out
  10. First XC flights
  11. Pilot responsibilities, safety and general airmanship knowledge

Pilot exam

Excludes ski lifts, food, accommodation, insurance. Students should provide all flight equipment which is adapted to their skill level.

25% of the course fee is payable upon booking, balance to be paid at the end of the course. Days cancelled due to inclement weather will not be charged.