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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

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Baptisms and tandems

How to dress for a flight?

A good pair of sneakers, sports shoes or hiking boots to facilitate take-off and landing. A jacket or windbreaker for the flight (we fly at an average of 35 km/h) and pants (avoid the simple shorts/t-shirt combo!). On long flights, it is better to be overdressed than underdressed, you rarely get too hot in the air and it is always possible to remove a layer before takeoff…

We provide the rest of the equipment necessary for the flight, including the helmet (mandatory for tandem paragliding).

It is also possible to take a small backpack (20 l. max) with drinks and snacks.

Do I need insurance?

All our pilots have the compulsory insurance for the practice of paragliding, which covers the tandem activity. Therefore, there is no legal requirement to purchase additional insurance.

What about ski lifts?

Ski lift tickets or passes are not included in the price of the flights. You will be able to buy them just before going up to fly (about 16/17 euros).

Photos and video of the flight

Our pilots have all the equipment to immortalize your flight with their high definition GoPro camera. You can choose this option at the time of booking, or at the last minute before the flight: ask your pilot. From 30 euros.

If you wish, you can also take your camera or phone during the flight to take pictures, but it must be attached with a cord.

What physical condition to perform a first flight?

Tandem paragliding is very accessible, whatever the age of the passenger. As soon as you are able to run for a few meters (take-off and landing), you are fit!

The only drawback is thatpregnant women are not allowed to paraglide.

Note also that some of our pilots are certified to take passengers with motor disabilities. Consult us for more details.

No medical certificate is required for a tandem paragliding flight.

Is there a weight limit?

If you are under 45 or over 90kg, please let us know when you make your reservation. For safety reasons we do not accept people over 110kg.

I have vertigo, is it compatible with paragliding?

If you think you are afraid of heights, you should know that this phenomenon does not exist in paragliding. This phenomenon can only occur when you are in contact with the ground, which is not the case when flying a paraglider (just like in a plane).

Can I offer a first flight to my 4-year-old child?

We accept children from 4 years old. These flights are usually done in the morning (the aerological conditions are very mild), and we have specialized equipment for their size.

I have motor disabilities, can I fly?

Some of our pilots are certified to take passengers with motor disabilities.

Please contact us before making a reservation.

I am pregnant, can I fly?

This is the only exception, we are not allowed to bring pregnant women in tandem paragliding. Thank you for your understanding.

I'm airsick, can I fly?

If you think you are prone to airsickness, talk to your pilot, he will try to make your flight as smooth as possible…

You should know that there are also over-the-counter medications (to be taken shortly before the flight) to combat seasickness, which work just as well with airsickness. Ask your pharmacist.

And in case you get sick, a bag is at your disposal.

Courses & Internships

Introductory course

Want to fly alone? During your paragliding initiation course you will learn the basics of paragliding and you will be able to fly alone in only a few days! Accessible from 14 years old, the initiation course lasts 5 days and includes ground training, theoretical courses, briefings, a flight in a two-seater and solo flights, guided by radio by our instructors.

No previous knowledge is required for this paragliding initiation course in Chamonix.


Paragliding courses are generally held in Chamonix, from Monday to Friday and include 3 full days (8am-5pm) plus two mornings (8am-1pm). In case of bad weather, a postponement is possible on Saturday/Sunday.

The courses take place in groups of 3 to 7 students.

Schedules may vary depending on the evolution of the group and the weather. Plan to be available all day, every day of the internship week.

Program of the 5 days initiation course :

  • Introduction to paragliding and the school
  • Introduction to the material
  • Ground training for take off and piloting the wing
  • Theory of Flight
  • Flight plans and approaches
  • Educational tandem flights
  • The basics of weather
  • Priorities in flight
  • Use of a rescue parachute
  • First big flights


We provide the appropriate equipment (paraglider, harness, rescue parachute, radio and helmet).

You will need to bring good hiking shoes, sunglasses, warm clothes and thin gloves.

If you want to invest in flying your own equipment, contact us and we will advise you on the best choices for your profile. We resell the biggest brands of paragliders and our prices are unbeatable.


A minimum of 4 students is required for the course to take place. If this number is not reached, 3 solutions are available to you:

  • Opt for an individual training course.
  • Come and do the course at another date
  • Request a refund

In case of cancellation of a day or half-day of the course by the school (unfavorable weather conditions, etc.), we will propose a postponement or a refund.

Lift tickets and the compulsory license/insurance are not included in the price of the course.

Progression course

The progression course is designed for pilots who have already completed an initiation course. The objective is to go towards autonomy in calm conditions, on known sites.

The course consists mainly of flights with ground training to perfect the techniques of inflation with in particular the technique of inflation facing canopy.

Theoretical inputs will allow you to improve your analytical skills, so that you will be able to analyze and make the right decisions to fly or not to fly.

We will also develop active piloting techniques to prepare for the first flights in thermals.


The progression course consists of three full days (8am-5pm) and two mornings (8am-1pm), Monday through Friday. We choose the best days to fly in the afternoon depending on the weather conditions. In case of bad weather, a postponement is possible on Saturday/Sunday.

The course will take place in groups of 4 and 7 students.
The flight equipment (canopy, harness, parachute, helmet) is provided and very recent and among the best brands on the market.

The program of the 5 Day Progression Course :

  • Active control: Pitch / Roll
  • Ears
  • Speed range
  • Introduction to thermal flying
  • Theory of flight incidents
  • First flights in thermals
  • Precision landing
  • Pilot responsibilities, safety and regulations

MCQ exam for the initial certificate on request.


You must have already made several long solo flights in autonomy (in calm conditions on a known site).

A minimum of 4 students is required for the course to take place. If this number is not reached, 2 solutions are available to you:

  • You can come and do the course at another date
  • You can request a refund

Lift tickets and the compulsory license/insurance are not included in the price of the course.

Cross Weekend Course

Going from one mountain to another, crossing valleys, jumping over ridges… This is the program of this course.
Depending on the level of the group, the objectives can vary from a 20km objective to the first 100km.

A group already formed is ideal to ensure a homogeneity of level. But if you are on your own, contact us and we will guide you to the best week for your level and your goals.


During 3 full days, the course will take place in groups of 4 to 6 students.

You must provide your own flight equipment adapted to your level. Contact us if you do not have your own equipment, we have rental possibilities.

The program of the Cross Course :

  • Analysis of the weather and aerological conditions
  • Site selection based on conditions
  • Distance flights
  • Flight analysis
  • Theory on the optimization of conditions
  • Theory of flight regimes in transition
  • Theory of group flight
  • Instrument management


  • Be a holder of the initial pilot’s license or confirmed pilot.
  • To be comfortable in thermal conditions, to know how to exploit an updraft and to know how to land autonomously in thermal conditions.

A minimum of 4 students is required for the course to take place. If this number is not reached, you will be able to come and do the course at another date or ask for a refund

In case of cancellation of a day or half day of the course by the school (unfavorable weather conditions, etc.) a postponement or refund will be offered.

Supervised solo flights

Already a pilot but not yet autonomous? Continue your progression by flying under the supervision of our instructors.

Contact us to sign up.

Our instructors will contact you the day before to confirm if flights are possible.

Screening Assessment:

Students who have not learned at Air Sports or who have not flown for more than 3 months will have to be evaluated by one of our instructors, before the day of the first flight. During this evaluation, the instructor will check your level (equipment preparation, inflation, etc.) and will give you the necessary input and advice if needed (flight plan briefing, harness adjustment, etc.).

If the evaluation goes well, you will be validated to fly with us. If the instructor considers that you lack knowledge, he will propose you an upgrade, according to your shortcomings (theoretical course, inflation etc.).

Rates: (excluding special discounts):

  • Solo flights: 119€ (2 or 3 flights), or 70 if only one flight is possible.
  • Evaluation: 60€ (1h)
  • Refresher course: 60€/h

The eventual ski lift tickets are not included.

SIV training and driving

The Flight Incident Simulation courses are designed to improve your piloting skills and control of your wing in all configurations.

These courses are essential to progress safely under your wing. In addition to working on your technique, you will also work on your mental attitude in flight, gaining confidence in yourself and your equipment. You will learn and master fast descent techniques and eventually acrobatic maneuvers if you wish.

Whether you are a cross-country pilot, an acrobat or simply doing local flights, the SIV courses will bring you serenity, confidence and above all security in your practice. The program will be personalized according to your level and your objectives.

You must be autonomous in taking off and landing in various conditions. You must be up to date with your license and insurance for the duration of the course.

Contact us to get all the details and register.

Help to take the FFVL license

To participate in a paragliding course at Air Sports Chamonix, you must subscribe to a license-insurance.
Below you will find the different possibilities:

First-time licensee (first FFVL license in your life):

Annual Adult License:

Annual youth license:


Store & Shopping

Tax refund information

If you live in Switzerland or outside the European Union, you can deduct the French VAT from our products (20%).

Two options:

  • Distance selling HT with direct shipment: We produce an invoice HT already including the discount we offer to our customers on the flight material. Once the material has been paid for, we will ship the goods to you with the CN23 customs clearance form.
  • Collection on the spot with tax exemption. You can go to the shop and buy your material. The amount paid is inclusive of VAT (with French VAT). We provide you with a form and a declaration of tax exemption. All you have to do is scan this form at the customs posts (customs, airports, etc.), and we receive instant confirmation that the material has left the EU. We will then refund the French VAT,

Please note that you are required to pay VAT and customs duties when the products arrive in your country.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Autonomous drivers

Does it fly?

Visit our weather page to do your analysis and read our tips.

Guide to free flight in the Mont Blanc region

If you don’t know the area and want to fly paragliders in the area, you should read this document. You will find information that will be useful to you.
Download : Guide to free flight in the Mont Blanc region

The local club : Les Gratte Ciel

Find information on the valley’s takeoff and landing sites, regulatory news and much more on the Club des Gratte-ciel website.


Information about the ski lifts

Visit the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc website.

Paraglider revision and reserve parachute packing

Rescue parachute packing:

Rescue parachutes must be ventilated and repacked annually.
We are able to repack your rescue parachute (installation in the harness included):

  • Round: 50 €.
  • Triangle and square: 60 €.
  • Rogallo: 85 €.

Price for the installation of a parachute in a harness : 22 €.

Contact us to make an appointment. Before bringing your parachute to us, take it out and air it for 48 hours so that it can discharge any moisture or static electricity.

Paragliding review:

Most manufacturers recommend that the glider be serviced every 100 hours of flight and in any case, once a year. We do not do paraglider overhaul, but we recommend the CERTIKA workshop, which is located in Le Grand Bornand. Visit the CERTIKA website to learn about the different options available.

Paragliding and equipment rental

Paragliding rental Chamonix:

You are in Chamonix and you don’t have your flying equipment? Air Sports can rent you a paraglider.

Indicative rates :

  • Pack Sails – harness – rescue : 80€ / day
  • Sailing only: 50€ / day
  • Harness + parachute: 30€ / day
  • Radio: 5 € / day
  • Helmet: 5€ / day

These rates may be out of date, contact us to be sure.

Depending on your level, we reserve the right to give you a small evaluation (inflation). In case of failure, you will be offered either a refresher course or a flight program supervised by our instructors.

The equipment we rent is recent and regularly revised. We will ask you to sign a rental contract, and to leave a deposit check, which will be returned to you after the rental.

For any other information, contact us.

In case of emergency or accident

The emergency number is 112.
You can also contact the 18, the 15 or directly the P.G.H.M of Chamonix: + 33 4 50 53 16 89.

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