BGD Wow light rescue parachute

BGD Wow light rescue parachute

639.00 649.00  tax included

The fast opening, low descent rate, ultra stable rescue parachute designed to keep you safe in the event of the unexpected.

We believe that our WOW rescue systems are the most reliable and safest available. They are EN certified and tested to the highest standards because we don't want to have to think twice about whether we should actually use them.

The Wow is a modern square rescue parachute with a fast opening time, low descent rate and high pendulum stability. The cutouts in the corners make it very stable in descent right after release, and the symmetrical design prevents any forward movement related to the system, allowing a stable descent with an easy landing.

The rescue comes with a four flap pod, it is light and made of high strength rip-stop. It can be adapted to all classic paragliding harnesses.

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SURFACE (M²)22.527.532.5

Tax refund information

If you live in Switzerland or outside the European Union, you can deduct the French VAT from our products (20%).

Two options:

  • Distance selling HT with direct shipment: We produce an invoice HT already including the discount we offer to our customers on the flight material. Once the material has been paid for, we will ship the goods to you with the CN23 customs clearance form.
  • Collection on the spot with tax exemption. You can go to the shop and buy your material. The amount paid is inclusive of VAT (with French VAT). We provide you with a form and a declaration of tax exemption. All you have to do is scan this form at the customs posts (customs, airports, etc.), and we receive instant confirmation that the material has left the EU. We will then refund the French VAT,

Please note that you are required to pay VAT and customs duties when the products arrive in your country.

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